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Magill Woodcraft Ireland was established in 2016 by Cian Magill, a graduate of GMIT Letterfrack. Studying Furniture Design and Manufacture gave Cian an insight into the world of woodcraft, and high-end furniture making. This truly opened Cian’s eyes to the endless possibilities ahead, and as time went by, he found his niche in the market.

Magill Woodcraft Ireland specialises in bespoke (custom) furniture making and woodturning which is mainly aimed the American-Irish market. Growing up with creative and self employed parents has always made Cian driven. This has also given him many ‘hands-on’ opportunities to explore his potential. With Cian’s upbringing, education, and experience within in the commercial art and film industry, an entrepreneurial path was the inevitable choice.

Magill Woodcraft is currently a one-person business, which enables a close relationship with each customer. However, Cian does have a strong team of advisors that have been truly valuable and motivating since the beginning of his business venture.

Although there are two main parts of Cian’s business; (a) bespoke furniture and (b) woodturned gifts, one product in particular seemed to capture his audience. Cian’s ‘Aontaithe le Grá (United with Love) Traditional Irish Wedding Goblets’ offers an ideal solution to people looking for a one-of-a-kind, personalized Irish wedding gift, that is handmade. They are made from a single piece of wood, and have two captive rings around their stem. These two rings are said to symbolise love and unity. The product is designed to be used occasionally and thereafter, as a display/ conversation piece. Each piece comes with original Magill Woodcraft packaging, and can be personalized with a message of the customer’s choice.

Being able to hand-turn hundreds of pieces has allowed the maker to refine and improve design details, which gives the product that innovative edge and international appeal. As most of his work is currently made to order, Cian always aims to create as many positive memories for each customer during the making process. The presentation, story, and experience of a product has also always been prioritised from the get-go, which previous customers have loved.

The journey of Magill Woodcraft has just begun, and there are several key milestones ahead for the success and expansion of this business. Some include; networking with wedding planners, increasing presence locally and in the US through design and craft shops, building Magill Woodcraft’s website to a high standard, improving the maker’s workshop and equipment, and additional training.

Cian also has his work available on a number of online stores such as Etsy, Shuppy, Shop in Ireland, and Gifted from Ireland.

Although Cian has a number of objectives, his mission is simple – to help people see the beauty in life through his creations, and promote our rich Irish culture. Investing in Magill Woodcraft would enable Cian to take his business to the next level. By enhancing his website, improving his workshop, and continuing to train, the expansion of Magill Woodcraft is inevitable. In the long term, Cian aims to employ at least 1 other maker, and once trained as a master-craftsman, teach the art of woodturning.

Cian Magill

Magill Woodcraft was established in 2014 by Cian Magill, a graduate of GMIT Letterfrack. Studying Furniture Design and Manufacture gave Cian an insight into the world of woodcraft, and opened a door of endless possibilities. Amongst some of Cian’s early creations included the true beginning of Magill Woodcraft – a set of classic woodturned spinning tops, made from locally-sourced, native Irish hardwoods. This focused the maker on creating a brand with a totally unique style, and reviving his family name into a 21st century business. ”My aim is to achieve perfect design aesthetic and quality craftsmanship, which comes into play every time I make a piece. I remind myself that thousands of years of ancestry and evolution has landed at my lucky hands. Sacred trees that have lived through ages of history are then worked with to form functional, one-of-a-kind pieces.”

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