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Personalised Wooden Gifts

Handmade in Ireland

A white celtic tree of life PNG Magill Woodcraft Ireland logo

From one-of-a-kind creations to personalised wooden gifts. Beautiful, heartfelt, & crafted with love in Co. Galway!

Our Most-Loved Handmade Irish Gift

Wooden Map of Ireland Wall Art - 'Land of Identity'

Everyone comes from somewhere... Engraved with any surname & local Irish townland, these wooden maps of Ireland hold a truly unique story. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, & handmade in Ireland by Cian Magill.

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  3. Checkout & cherish for generations to come!

Engraved in beautiful old Irish 'Bunchló' font (widely used by our ancestors until the mid 1900's). Includes lovely gift box & Celtic-style packaging!

What you get...

Lidded cardboard gift box with Magill Woodcraft Ireland Irish font printed on a wooden table. For wooden map of Ireland product.

In your home...

lose up Personalised wooden map of Ireland on a wall abover a wooden desk with black plant pots of top.

What do people say about it?

"I am a man in his seventies. I try not to show my emotions, but when I opened my Map of Ireland with my town shown on it in old Irish script, I was close to tears...."

Barry Barnes, 2021.

Smiling man with glasses headshot wearing a grey hoodie/ sweatshirt with green plants in background

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Meet the Maker...

Cian Magill is ainm dom, and here's a little bit about my journey...

Studying Furniture Design & Manufacture at GMIT Letterfrack completely changed my life. I discovered a passion for working with my hands, and creating totally unique pieces. When I work with wood I feel truly connected to the material, and at one with nature.

I began to develop Magill Woodcraft Ireland in 2016, my second year of college. Since then I have continued to learn, and constantly aim for the highest quality craftsmanship.

Along with conserving our enchanting Irish culture, my mission is to exceed customers’ expectations, by crafting some of the most heartfelt & beautiful wooden gifts in Ireland.

Furniture Designer-Maker Cian Magill carving a Wooden Map of Ireland Wall Art on a bandsaw, wearing a Magill Woodcraft Ireland t-shirt.

A Truly Unique Irish Wedding Gift

Traditional Irish Wedding Goblet - 'True Love'

In 17th century Ireland when a man fell in love with a woman, he carved her a charming wooden goblet. This was lovingly crafted with two captive rings, all from a single piece of wood.

These two rings symbolised love & unity. At the couple's wedding feast, they both drank from the goblet. So long as the rings remained unbroken, they would love each other forever.

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  2. Enter couple's names & date of wedding/ anniversary.
  3. Checkout & cherish for generations to come!

Engraved in beautiful Irish 'Bunchló' font with couple's names & date of wedding. Handmade from native Irish Ash in our small Galway-based workshop. Includes lovely gift box & Celtic-style packaging!

What you get...

Woodturned round wooden Irish wedding goblet with captive rings, in black gift box with wood shavings and green tissue.

The end result...

Bride and groom holding wooden goblets at wedding with barn interior in the background.

What do people say about it?

"The most beautiful item, I knew it would be amazing but it completely exceeded my expectations. You can tell it has been handmade with love and attention to every detail.

The service was fantastic, I received messages from the seller updating me on the progress of the item as it was being made which I very much appreciated. The item also arrived very quickly. I cannot recommend Magill Woodcraft enough."

Abi Fitzgerald, 2018

Quality Craftsmanship & an Irish Keepsake

Show how much you care with a true piece of Ireland, to be cherished & handed down through generations. Every piece Cian makes holds a unique and magical story, that only you can complete!

Green hardwood tree in forest

1. Locally sourced, quality Irish hardwoods.

Two hands using a bandsaw to make a Wooden Map of Ireland Wall Art. Ireland's coastline is being cut out with the blade.

2. Handmade in Ireland with love & care.

Wooden wedding goblets on white table cloth with flowers in background

3. To be cherished for generations to come!

Bespoke Designs & Commissions...

Have something in mind but can’t quite find what your looking for in high-street shops? Then look no further, as we design & make the perfect piece for you.

From high-quality Personalised Wooden Gifts to Custom-made Awards & Corporate Gifts, we can create something that everyone wants, but only you behold!

A white celtic tree of life PNG Magill Woodcraft Ireland logo

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