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A Piece of Ireland…


Looking for some one-of-a-kind, personalised wood gifts that are handmade in Ireland? See below for some of Cian’s work available online. Other pieces can be made to order, and designed to suit whatever you have in mind.

With the abundance of mass-produced products in todays society, why not find the perfect gift today thats crafted with soul, and enriched in Irish history

”Every piece I make holds a unique and magical story. It is the most humbling and amazing process to create a gift, from tree to the end product. Not knowing what the grain of a log will look like, and then seeing its sheer inner beauty uncovered, is always such a joyful feeling! Once a creation is finished,

I often sit back in admiration and gratitude to the wood itself. I sometimes ponder it’s life journey, what it was like in Ireland when this tree was growing up, and what it’s future holds in someone’s cosy home!”

Would you like to become apart of one of these stories? If so, Cian’s door is always open to new ideas…



The recent addition to Magill Woodcraft Ireland of a small engraver is perfect for personalised wood gifts, and can produce outstanding accuracy. Cian has always loved using the beautiful old Gaelic font – ‘Seanchló‘, which not only adds to the story of each piece, but also authenticity, which previous customers have seemed to love.


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